Progress Report was a hard copy magazine that sprang to life in 1990. There were 6 hard copy issues the last being published in 2007. Its stated aim was to cover all forms of the arts. Concentrating on artists who performed on the fringes of modern culture. PR featured a wide variety of musical artists from genres such as



experimental,  industrial, post rock and the avant-garde and artists and film makers from a wide as demographic as possible with Nick Zedd, Annie Sprinkle and Carolee Schneeman. We interviewed musicians such as Zoviet France, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Pan Sonic.  


We had articles from La Monte Young to horror soundtracks. The aim of Progress Report was bringing together a mixture of musicians, artists and film makers who all work/perform on the fringes of modern culture.  This site is the digital version of Progress Report picking up from where



we left off. Progress Report features artists our readers may already be familiar with but we also seek to expose people to new and exciting forms of art and introduce them to artists that they may not otherwise encounter.





  23/09/2017 Tim Olive / Alfredo Costa Monteiro -  33 Bays Dec 2013 - Coppice
  23/09/2017 Reinhold Friedl - Golden Quinces, Earthed for Spatialised Neo-Beckstein Nov 2013 - Carlton Melton
  23/09/2017 Peter Perrett How the West Was Won June 2013 - Silver Pyre
  23/09/2017 Mammoth Ulthana - Particular Factors Oct 2012 - Jim Coleman
  23/09/2017 Various Artists - Song from the Forest OST Jul 2012 - Cosey Fanni Tutti
  23/09/2017 Teruyuki Nobuchika - Still Air Jun 2012 - Fuxa
  23/09/2017 Kallee & The Lunar Trio - Nushtar Jan 2012 - Pauline Oliveros
  23/09/2017 Genetic Transmission - Self-titled and Chrząszcz Brzmi W Trzcinie Nov 2011 - Reinhold Friedl
  23/09/2017 Spunk and Joelle Leandre -  Live in Molde Oct 2011 - Expo 70