Coppice – Vantage/Cordoned (CD Caduc)


Again another couple of deeply moving thrills from Chicago’s sonic frontlines where Coppice dwell. And all though to some extent they still leave the trenches to scout the same tactics as on last years Big Wad Excisions (a track of that CD is interpreted by different artists and as downloads available as Hoist Spell Extensions) Vantage/Cordoned with its synthesis of droning and wind effects bring a more ritualistic intimacy instead of the more distant collages on the former.   

Abstract duo bringing solutions in a beautifully packed CD, playing with intensity they are at their most captivating. Noe Cuellar and Joseph Kramer bring adventurous endless stretched drones created by pump organ, which seems to become more and more their brand. On the two tracks Vantage/Cordoned offer there is electromechanically processed and filtered waves of air, juxtaposed to complimentary distant droning. What particularly works out really well is when we arrive at the 15 minute mark of Soft Crown, when some kind of a mechanical device starts to has its own life, releasing air continuously, over a slowly evolving and hallucinatory drone, proving once more their ability to have art almost realizing itself.  

The industrial drowsiness swelling into roaring, crispy textures over broody textured suspense, the sculptures Coppice make, emanating from bellows displacing air, almost reflect an apotheosis of life itself here. What else are the airborne sounds than a reference to discovering how air waves can transform into sound, a hose being rotated in air, reminding us of our childhood  and the ephemeral character of it all. Coppice again prove to be undisputed masters in making the artificial sound authentic. PvdG.