Various - Lux and Ivy dig Insane Rockabilly (CD Righteous Psalm)

52 tracks of Rockabilly compiled by Dave Henderson. Packaged in a similar style to the other discs in this series. Two CDs in a jewel case with a booklet of notes written by Dave Henderson.

Unlike the Pure Exotica release we reviewed recently there is no light and dark discs the feel is the same all the way through both discs, pretty much straight forward Rockabilly.

Most of the groups and artists on here are fairly obscure. They fall into the type of band or singers that might have had one record released that then wound up in a second-hand store, thrift shop or a cut out bin. I didnít find that much on here that made we want to hear them again, itís for the most part a collection of half decent but nothing spectacular rockabilly tunes. The only exception being Billy Brown who gives us two pretty strong tracks. I would expect with this series to find something that really jumps out at me and that Iíve never heard or heard of before and will be surprised by and intrigued by but this release sadly didnít do that for me.

This is certainly not the strongest release in this series but hopefully things will pick back up with the subsequent selections that have now been released. DB