We have a new contributor for the site. Nick Roseblade. He will writing reviews for us and has his first two in the batch upload today.


Due to the very high price the Post Office are now charging for having a PO Box we will no longer be using this service. If you wish to send in items for review please send them to our new address that is on the Contact page


We have a new reviewer contributing a couple of reviews this time. His name is Frank Keen. Always good to have more people contributing so if anyone else out there wants to send in some reviews or do some interviews or write some articles please get in touch.


Some new interviews should be appearing in the next month. They will now be with Chris and Cosey (Carter Tutti TG) and with Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound).


We now have Richard Johnson writing some reviews for us. I'm sure lots of you will be familiar with his own magazines Grim Humour and Adverse Effect and the record labels Fourth Dimension and Lumberton Trading. It's great to have him writing for PR.


Next up for interviews are Chris and Cosey and Machine Fabriek.

We have a new reviewer joined us. His name is Pim van der Graaf. Great to have more people join us. If anyone else wants to submit reviews or articles or interviews please get in touch.

New reviews are no longer listed here they can instead be found from the three links here:  reviews


New reviews of Eugene S Robinson and Philippe Petit, Explosions in the Sky, Nurse With Wound and Larsen, Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchie, and Kim Cascone have been uploaded.


New reviews of Sion Orgon, Troum, Robert Belfour, A John Cage tribute album on Fylkingen, Mary Hampton, VA- The sound of Siam and two Andrew Liles albums have been uploaded.


New reviews of Grails, Moondog, Ron Geesin, Trophies and Autumn Blood (A Lumberton Trading compilation album) have been uploaded.


New reviews of Machinefabriek, Yoshi Wada, Cyril Diaz, Gaggle and CeDell Davis have been uploaded


New reviews of Reinhold Friedl, Ensemble Progresivo, Chris Watson/Marcus Davidson, Christina Kubisch and Badlands have been uploaded.

Coming soon interviews with Expo '70 and Reinhold Friedl


New reviews of Bee Mask, Mugstar, Minoru Sato, Forbidden Planet soundtrack, Girolamo de Simone and Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan have been uploaded.


New reviews ofJean-Francois Laprte, Giuseppe, Paul Bradley and Colin Potter, Phil Mouldycliff and Colin Potter, and Paul Panhuysen have been uploaded.


New reviews of Sten Hanson, Sun Ra, Lee Patterson, Par Lindgren, Jon Lloyd, Angelo Petronella, Osvaldo Coluccino and Claudio Rocchetti have been uploaded.


New reviews of Klapper Kuchen, Lehn Strid, Small Cruel Party and Hanna Hartman and WZT Hearts have been uploaded.


New reviews of Andrew Liles, Alexander Rishaug, Nisennenmondai, Ora, Henri Chopin, Harmut Gerrken, Fovea Hex (and Andrew Liles), Analogue Society and Sten Hanson have been uploaded.


Due to circumstances beyond our control the web site was down for two days. Everything has had to be restored from a back up. It should all be there but if you come across any parts that have broken links or pictures missing please

email and lets us know. Thanks


New reviews of Chris Watson, Darren Tate, Mario Betoncini, Daniel Jones and David Papapostolou, Alessandro Bosetti, Ian Holloway and Darren Tate, Colleen and Nurse With Wound have been uploaded.

In the next couple of weeks there will a new page uploaded with an index of all the reviews posted with hyperlinks to make it easier to navigate to any particular review you might be looking for.


New reviews of Johannes Helden, Jason Zeh and Ben Gwilliam, Yuri Kalendarev, Shubhendra Rau and Partha Sorothy have been uploaded


New reviews of Horace Andy, A Hawk and A Hacksaw and the Hun Hanger Ensemble, Harmonia, CA Quintet, Andrew Liles and Jean Herve Peron, Ghada Shbeir, Machinefabriek and the soundtrack to Blood On Satan's Claw have been uploaded.


New reviews of 4 Discus releases by Herve Perez and Martin Archer, Ask, Mick Beck and Martin Archer have been uploaded.


New reviews of 7K Oaks, Andrea Belfs, Christina Kubisch and Stefano Pilia uploaded.


New reviews of Andreas Bertilsson, GoGooo, Phil Mouldycliff, Ferran Fages, Alexei Borisov, Angel, Angels of Light, COH, Coil and COH and Cosey Fanni Tutti uploaded.


New reviews of Adrian Klumpes, Bill Hill. Outward Sound Ensemble, Kashiwa Daisuke, The Orkustra, The Beautiful Schizophonic, William Hooker (with Eyvind Kang and Bill Horist)  and Centrozoon uploaded.


New reviews of PJ Harvey, Ustad Khan, Nurse With Wound, Lee Westwood, Longstoned and Paul Bradley uploaded.


The review section will go live this week. We have a large number of reviews to upload and this will be done over the course of a few weeks. Each time a batch gets upload there will a list of what reviews they are (with a hyperlink to the relevant part of the review section) posted in this part of the site.

Articles and interviews will appear as and when they are ready rather than being upload in one batch as originally planned. So as such there will be no on-line version of Progress Report 7 just an ongoing project of reviews, interviews and articles.